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Chartered Efficiency Analyst, CEA® | Español

Our program is designed so that executives can develop a business diagnosis with a high potential for generating savings.

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03, April 2024


5 weeks | On-line
4-5 hours per week

US$ 1,000 | US$ 500 (American dollars)

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Develop your skills to be an Excellent
Efficiency Analyst

Companies require executives who not only know how to correctly calculate important information to make decisions, they require executives who have a sense of acuity and sensitivity that allows them to see things from a different perspective as that is something not everyone is able to do. With our program, you will develop a capacity for self-criticism and continuous improvement that will allow you to always see areas of opportunity.

Being good is no longer enough,
you need to be the best and to do this,
you must surround yourself with the best

What do executives think?

of middle managers believe they have the skills to solve the problems in their departments but they do not know how to demonstrate those skills in a technical way.
+ 0 %
of managers believe they do not know the detailed problems of their departments and lack both the time and resources to solve them.
+ 0 %
of CEOs believe they have highly capable staff, but that those staff do not always have the time needed to solve the problems in their departments.
+ 0 %

Important Program Topics

Week 1: Principles of Efficiency
We will analyze the basic concepts that we must master to clearly understand how to develop the first efficiency studies of our program.

Week 2: Diagnostic Studies
We will analyze and implement concepts from 4 important studies, related to Expense Reduction, Headcount Reduction, Load Balancing and Organizational Climate.

Week 3: Diagnostic Proposal
We will calculate and measure the estimated savings, define the savings potential, draw up a roadmap to achieve said objective, and put together a presentation strategy for Management.

Week 4: Negotiation Meeting
We will fine-tune the summary proposal and analyze the key aspects needed to have a successful negotiation meeting.

Program Features

Video Sessions
Digital Articles
Case Studies

Prof. Carlos Arias


Prof. Carlos Arias, has an MBA with a Major in Finance from EGADE Business School (TEC de Monterrey, Campus Monterrey) and from the IE Business School (Madrid). Additionally, he holds his second MBA with a Major in Marketing Analytics.

Within his professional career, he served as Efficiency Director, General Manager and Marketing Manager, among other positions, in more than 15 industries (retail, fashion, food and beverages, mining, shrimp, universities, paintings, etc.) in different countries in the region (Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico, etc.).

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